Salesforce WhatsApp API

We provide WhatsApp to our clients

For medium to large organizations, the WhatsApp Business API powers the correspondence with clients from every part of the globe, so you can associate with them on WhatsApp in a basic, secure and trustworthy way. You can send your clients data which they expect and where they want to get it.

So how does it function?

The WhatsApp Business API permits businesses to integrate the system of messaging with their enterprise environment. Once coordinated, you can use the messaging application to draw in with clients as well as an advantage from automation and information analysis. Without further ado, here are some advantages of WhatsApp Business for your purchasers.

1.You (Business) Meet Them (Customers) in Familiar Territory

Have you wondered at any point that how can WhatsApp Business help my clients in terms of convenience? Just allow us to provide the data to make it clear for you.

Here are some broad numbers for an idea.

  • Three out of every four customers get annoyed at not being able to respond or act on a text message they receive.
  • 43 percent of customers have taken it upon themselves to text a business.
  • Nearly six out of ten customers weren’t interested to speak with businesses using a different application.

And here’s how that ties into WhatsApp.

  • The number of people using WhatsApp worldwide is around Two Billion.
  • More than 175 million people text a WhatsApp business account daily

The stats make it clear

There is a surge for increased communications with businesses via text messages. No other good choice is out there other than WhatsApp, since it is the most globally popular platform used by billions. By contacting your clients on WhatsApp, a platform where they're significantly more liable to be on than some other, you're meeting them in a region that they're comfortable with. This makes things advantageous for them as it holds them back from exchanging to and fro various channels with your business.

2.Instant Problem Solving with WhatsApp Business

Everybody is a worldwide buyer. Regardless of you being an entrepreneur or marketing expert, we'll bet a decent dollar you've had a sluggish and inefficient problem-solving experience with a business previously.

Pretty disappointing, right?

Here are other stats showing the advantages of the WhatsApp business. Three out of four clients think it takes too long to reach a live customer support agent. Unlike emails and messages, which some of the time experience the unfortunate reputation of being "impasse" or “dead-end” channels, WhatsApp offers much more efficiency. For the client, the benefits of WhatsApp Business or possibly communicating with a business that utilizes it – are two-way and quick correspondence and fast answers. That is, after all the basic idea of chat applications.

The times when people used to wait for a reply to a grievance that was emailed or via filling a form are now old stories. Gone are the times of paying attention to on-hold music while hanging tight for a client support specialist to get your call. The prime advantage of using WhatsApp business for clients is that their messages and concerns are attended to immediately. Even if they had to stand by a little, their ears aren't stuck to the telephone and they can continue ahead until the WhatsApp message notification rings in.

3.Creating superior brand connections

Creating strong and incredible brand associations with clients is the sacred goal for most organizations and WhatsApp guarantees that by providing businesses with a closed, personal atmosphere to discuss one to one with their customers. With WhatsApp, organizations make 'Business Profiles,' a one-of-a-kind, completely branded business identity. This allows you to give particulars like email and telephone contacts, links to social media platforms, store addresses, site URLs, and appropriate business details or offers. All the more significantly, your WhatsApp Business profile offers you the chance to infuse your brand personality with each client interaction. And as WhatsApp verifies all business accounts, your clients are guaranteed it is anything but a faker on the opposite end when they select to associate with you.

4.Enabling Trusted Engagement with Secure Messaging

As recently referenced, the verified business profile gives a confided channel among organizations and clients to communicate. This safe channel goes two different ways, with WhatsApp Business Solution both the business and end-client can be guaranteed that they are not collaborating with a scammer. For clients, they can see on the company’s account that it is verified by WhatsApp. Also, organizations realize that the users are real as a result of the Two Factor Authentication method of WhatsApp.

5.Unleashing Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce addresses the marvel of customers chatting organization agents through chat applications to get client assistance and customized recommendations — a few models from an end-client's viewpoint would ask organizations questions and a click to purchase feature within the chat apps. In that situation, the purchaser may draw in with a human agent, a virtual help, or both.

6.The Indisputable Leader in Messaging Worldwide

Are your customers spread all over the globe?

WhatsApp remains the unquestionable leader in the messaging app market in 104 nations. If you want to take advantage of a global market, the WhatsApp Business solution ought to be in your communications portfolio. Regardless if your customers are in multiple countries or just one; if WhatsApp is your customers’ messaging app of choice, using the WhatsApp Business API to enhance interactions will be a smart move.

For medium to large organizations, the WhatsApp Business API powers the correspondence with clients from every part of the globe