Sales Cloud

Advances in today’s mobile technology are transforming our lives. Nowadays, people prefer to order food online using their smartphones. Besides, they tend to follow social networks or read product reviews. Sales processes have changed now due to the varying trends in buying habits.

Sales representatives and customers tend to depend more on smartphones nowadays. Has this changed the relationships with consumers and customer communication? How does this affect the connection between companies and their customers?

The smart customer expects smart services. Customer satisfaction is a priority for the majority of companies. The sales representatives need not waste time searching for leads, disappearing between accounts, or dialing the wrong number.

With Salesforce Sales Cloud provides the sales representatives with an application to manage all sales-related activities. This will allocate time for tracking sales opportunities and will help to save time spend on administrative affairs.

The sales managers can forecast sales and successfully monitor the team’s activities in real-time using Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Sales Cloud is a reliable and customizable application that is easy to use. As it is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time using an internet connection. There is no need for costly software and hardware investments.

You can get the number of licenses and upgrade them to suit your needs as your business and the number of employees grows. As you focus on your business, you can leave the developments and advances in technology infrastructure to Salesforce.


Lead Management

  • Measure marketing activities effectively
  • Follow the channels from where the leads come from
  • Monitor the sales process instantly

Sales Opportunities

  • Get to know your customer
  • Track business opportunities and offers
  • A collaborative space is created for the sales team
  • Measure and improve sales performance

Salesforce IQ – Business Intelligence

The smart and reliable CRM solution can be configured to meet the requirements of your business hassle-free in a very short time. This can effectively increase your sales.

Salesforce can efficiently monitor the platform experience of its users. Besides, it upgrades three times a year free of charge with the necessary improvements.